Breaker Box Updates / Replace

Breaker box repair

Breaker Box Repair and Replacement

If your breaker box over 15 years old, call on Anthony Electric Co. to inspect and replace your breaker box and old fuse panel. Prevent a potential fire and shock hazard that’s just waiting to happen with an out-of-date electrical system.

Convenient and Affordable

  • Breaker box updates and replacement
  • Code violations
  • Fire and insurance repair
  • FPE breaker box replacement
  • Inspections and remodels
  • Lightning damage
  • Loss of power
  • Main breakers
  • Replacement of light fixtures
  • Tenant build-outs
  • Underground cable replacement

Over 40 Years of Electrical Experience

Your breaker box is your main source of power for your entire home and can cause serious damage if it's doesn't meet code compliant. It is important that it is functioning properly at all times. ARC Fault Protect your home. With ARC Protection the breaker will trip if it detects an ARC and protects your home against potential fire.
If you think there is a problem with your electrical wires or breaker box, call Anthony Electric Co. at 281-541-8846 today.
We believe in reliable and affordable services. Our technicians offer the best customer service around and are experienced in all areas of electrical work.

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